The simple but sophisticated Crypto Cube project is living in the year 2059 based on the outstanding technology of the Solana Blockchain. This collection offers you the opportunity to discover individual, stunning and algorithmically generated NFTs. Each of them has unique random traits generated from countless possible combinations. The crypto cubes are deeply anchored in the Sol year 2059 with 85 traits and a limited number of 2059. They play an important role in our lottery, which we created especially for our community and which is waiting for your participation. Anyone with a silver, gold, diamond, black or color trait automatically takes part in the raffle for 559 Sol. Anyone who has not yet been able to mint a Crypto Cube NFT with one of these traits does not need to panic, because we have also come up with something for you. In our monthly lottery we raffle 50% of our Royalty income among all 2059 Crypo Cube owners at the beginning of each month.

NFT Collection

Conditions of participation

Participation in the Crypto Cube 2059 lottery is free for those who own a Crypto Cube NFT and is based solely on these conditions of participation.

Course of the competition

The duration of the competition extends from February 6, 2022 until the point when all Crypto Cubes have been minted.

Participation in the main lottery

Required propterties

Silver, Gold, Diamond, Black, Green, Orange, Yellow, White, Blue, Red

Should it happen that a Crypto Cube NFT has different silver, gold or diamond traits, it will first take part in all raffles. This means that he has an increased chance of winning, but can only win a maximum of one of the three prizes. If a Crypto Cube NFT has two or three identical traits, this NFT is taken into account in the drawing based on the number of traits.

The winners will be determined after the closing date as part of a random raffle among all participants. If the competition is linked to a requirement, only those participants who have met the requirement will be entered into the raffle. The winners of the raffle will be announced promptly via our Twitter account and Discord server. The prize will only be handed over to the winner. The winner is responsible for any taxation of the profit. If the winner does not respond after two requests within a period of 3 weeks, the prize can be transferred to another participant.

Termination of the competition

The organizer expressly reserves the right to end the competition without prior notice and without giving reasons. This applies in particular to any reason that would disrupt or prevent the competition from running according to plan.

Participation in the monthly lottery

In order to be able to participate in the monthly lottery, one or more Crypto Cube NFTs without certain properties are required. Since all 2059 Crypto Cube NFTs are taken into account in the monthly raffle, holding several Crypto Cubes increases the probability of winning. One month after we have been listed on the secondary marketplaces, we automatically start drawing the first winner and then move on to the following months.

1st Prize

50% of the monthly royalty income



Owners of a crypto cube NFT with a silver trait take part in the raffle for 3rd place.

Prize: 59 Sol




Owners of a crypto cube NFT with a gold trait take part in the raffle for 2nd place.

Prize: 120 Sol

RARITY: 2,5%



Owners of a crypto cube NFT with a diamond trait take part in the raffle for 1st place.

Prize: 180 Sol

RARITY: 0,5%



Visualization of our Crypto Cube 2059 project. We thought about the best possible combinations for our properties in order to achieve an outstanding NFT. We also launched our lottery to give our community back what it deserves.


We launched our Crypto Cube 2059 website, Twitter, Discord server and uploaded our NFTs to the Solana blockchain, where the 2059 Crypto Cubes live and are minted so that they can be presented to the whole world.


Feb 6th 2022 @2PM EST

The public mint will start for a mint price of 1 Sol. After all 2059 crypto cubes have been minted, we will raffle 559 Sol among all Crypto Cube owners with a Silver, Gold, Diamond, Black or Color trait. There will be 59 winners who will be drawn at random.


One month after we have been listed on the secondary marketplaces, we automatically start drawing the first winner of our monthly lottery, in which we give away half of the royalty income at the beginning of each month.


1. Deposit SOL into your wallet (Phantom preferred).
2. Connect your wallet to the site (top-right hand corner "connect" button)
3. Click the "MINT" button at the very top of the page